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Who we are

NavYaan is a digitally powered, innovatively inspired IT consulting company accelerating digital transformation for the world’s largest enterprises. We are hyper-focused on the true drivers of change and innovation to help companies of all sizes solve their most pressing problems. We’re with you, rolling up our sleeves to work shoulder-to-shoulder to deliver solutions that deliver sustainable, profitable growth for companies like yours.

Our Team has a decade long experience of helping companies differentiate and transform their business with platforms that produces great customer experiences, capture qualified leads and enable sales team to make substantial revenue impact.


A lot of organizations are stuck when it comes to digital transformation. We aim to propel transformation forward of such the ambitious companies by providing our clients with solutions, not billable answers.


We want to base our success not upon a special algorithm or secret proprietary formula, but upon trustworthiness and integrity, coupled with hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and pride in what we do and how we do it.

How we do it

We employ our distinctive ideas and processes, and our absolute commitment to delivery, to help clients we care about pursue their inspiring missions. We are an ethical consulting firm with a strong belief in the work we do and expertise available within our walls.

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Our Team


Rahul Singla

9+ yrs of IT consulting experience helping clients digitalize on Salesforce


Co-Founder and President

Rajesh Pilla

15+ yrs of IT consulting experience. Co-founder and COO of Magnum


Co-founder and Managing Principle

Sagar Lagisetti

20+ years of IT consulting experience. Founder and CEO of Magnum Opus


Head- Marketing and Offshore Operations

Subhiney Chhabra

8+ years of MarTech consulting experience across various industries.


Our Commitment to Clients

We’re more than just a tech company. We’ve got goals, hopes, and dreams, just like you. We want to serve a better solution to a centuries old profession and do some good in the world while we’re at it—permanently.

  • Provide Purpose-Driven Solutions

    Our engineers are experienced practitioners, providing the frameworks and solutions that accelerate timelines and help realize successful outcomes.

  • Deliver Memorable Experiences

    Expertise may set us apart, but passion puts us ahead. We aim to deliver value beyond what’s specified in the contract, and to always bring energy and creativity to the table.

  • Develop Modern Applications

    We deliver better software faster – creating cloud applications that drive customer-centric outcomes. Our approach combines culture, tools, and process to continuously deliver software innovation while reducing complexity, and when combined with our partner strength, provides end-to-end solutions for clients.

Our Customer, Our Success

Rahul Singla is the consummate technology professional. He is both intelligent and passionate, and extremely comfortable in a variety of settings – whether driving a showcase for executives or leading an architecture design session with SMEs. When we worked together, I was in awe of his ability to manage priorities and negotiate technical and business stakeholders. Rahul plainly knows how to get things done the right way!

John W Scaduto

Product Manager, NYC DoITT

“I have worked with Rajesh Pilla on 2 projects with Corning. We successfully implemented a multi plant operation on time and ahead of budget. Rajesh was instrumental to our success. My experiences with Rajesh have been great. He is extremely professional, knowledgable, hard working and also always a pleasure to work with. I do not hesitate to recommend Rajesh for any project.”

Noel Davidson

Supply Chain Manager, Corning

“I know that when Sagar is working on my project the results will be stellar. Sagar’s approach is meticulous and he ensures that our clients are satisfied with the solutions he provides. He has a wonderful sense of TEAM and he is most definitely someone I would request for my projects every opportunity I have.”

Shelley Smith Law

Senior Manager PMO – NAO GIS at Faurecia

“Rahul has the technical and business skills required to take on any challenge. He has many years of industry and platform experience within the Salesforce / SaaS ecosystem. This has allowed him to be greatly confident in the platform and quickly turn around work. Rahul continually seeks to expand relationships at all levels and is very collaborative and inclusive in his approach. He has great client engagement and gains trust and credibility with his stakeholders. He continuously looks for solutions and ideas that would innovate and transform the opportunity. Rahul is not afraid to propose innovative and disruptive ideas/solutions in his pursuits and conversations.”

David Trinh

Global AWS Practice Lead


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