Salesforce CPQ

The cloud CPQ and billing help you empower the customer at every single touchpoint, improving the accuracy of pricing requests to provide accurate quotes in real-time that match your schedule and giving sales teams more time to focus on their key responsibilities. Utilize this easily adaptable tool that provides a rapid ROI and keeps data accessible across all teams.

Platform advantage

Best-in-class, cloud price management solution

Quick pricing quotes across all product lines to ensure all the customers receive the best quote, every time with dynamic bundling and packages. This allows you to create custom pricing based upon specific customer attributes like location or other variables. All quotes are configured using familiar Salesforce workflows, so there's no need to re-engineer any of your existing processes.

Built-in discounts, pricing rules & contract intelligence

Automate discount policies with flexible discount types to suit any business model. You can also integrate Salesforce CPQ with Salesforce Commerce to manage your product catalogue, promotions, and pricing.

A customizable quote approval process

Get quotes faster by enabling quote managers to review data within the workflow before sending them out. No more waiting for approvals; with full integration into standard salesforce workflows, you can approve quotes, orders, and invoices from the same place.

Real-time quoting with global tax calculations

Avoid any manual taxation processes by Salesforce CPQ integration which automatically calculates and apply taxes based on the customer's billing address and easily offer accurate, appropriate tax charges every time across all products lines!

Features Of CPQ

  • Policy management

    Create standardized contracts that can be applied to accounts according to specific contract requirements.

  • Product Configurator

    Configure and manage multiple types of similar products through a visual editor that only needs image details from you to automatically create a similar product.

  • Price Books

    Give sales reps, customers and partners access to price lists which can be used as reference points during quoting, selling or purchasing, allowing users to view multiple products within the same notebook.

  • Payment Type Tracking

    Track all payment information to get better visibility and control of your cash flow and the ability to set up payment terms for accounts besides checking credit limits and use different billing plans.

  • Integration

    Connect your billing system to Salesforce to get more control over your sales pipeline and streamline your invoice creation process.

  • Debt Tracking

    Keep tabs on debts and credits within invoices, so you have a full history of what has been paid and what remains to be paid.

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Industry: Manufacturing

The company offers a range of conduit solutions for telecommunications, power utility and other accessories. They were facingchallenges with their existing Salesforce Sales Cloud instance and SAP ERP system. They were facing too many data integration challenges, their product and pricing configurations in SAP were too complex which led to hinderance in Sales and operations. Our team did a thorough health-check of existing orgs, migrated existing Salesforce Classic Sales Org to Lightning and implemented CPQ to simplify and automate their contracting process

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