Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is designed specifically for businesses with complex inventory management needs, helping them shorten production cycles, reduce costs, and collaborate within cross-functional teams easily from anywhere in the world.

Process advantage

Accelerate time-to-market

Bring new products or services to market faster than your competitors by using the digital transformation capabilities to design, develop, launch, and deliver new products.

Prevent delays

Manufacturing Cloud allows your employees to track what's happening on the production floor by tracking which items are currently being manufactured and how long each item takes to complete. The result is minimal downtime and improved service levels for customers.

No longer dealing with inventory blues

There's no time to deal with shelves full of products that aren't selling - or aren't selling quickly enough. Manufacturing Cloud helps businesses determine whether they should make more of an item or if it's time to discontinue selling it all together so they can make room for other products.

Track what's working and what isn't

Manufacturing Cloud not only allows businesses to keep track of what's going on in real-time, but it can also pinpoint how long each step in the manufacturing process takes so that your business knows where it might be time to invest in new technology to increase efficiency.

Features Of Manufacturing Cloud

  • Production planning

    Keep track of which parts need to be purchased and prepare appropriately for the manufacturing process. This ensures that your business will have everything it needs at each step of assembly and producing goods.

  • Process automation

    Automate repetitive tasks - such as sending emails or eliminating late projects - by selecting different parameters per partner or type of document. This means no more manual work and additional employees' salary and office space expenses!

  • Advanced analytics

    Assess reports and dashboards about production line yield rates and equipment status in real-time; cut costs by keeping the machinery running smoothly without any downtime for repairs or tune-ups.

  • Compliance monitoring

    Ensure that your business complies with regulations around safety, security, and the environment; see which areas of your facility need more attention from environmental services.

  • Customer service

    Provide excellent customer service by accessing all the information you need and notify the clients of delays in real-time.

  • Supply chain optimization

    Know where inventory is needed most and expedite shipments to meet demand—which means fewer out-of-stock experiences for customers and fewer lost sales opportunities.

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