Healthcare and Life Sciences

The global HLS industry is expanding at a record rate as new treatments and technologies are being developed. Factor in the pandemic effects and the growing demand for scalable emergency healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment manufacturers are faced with the challenge of marketing to the right B2B audience and fostering long-term gainful relationships with the customers while achieving and tracking performance KPIs and revenue targets. Technology and innovation are just the starting point they need.

Industry Challenges

Healthcare Providers

  • Data privacy and security: Healthcare providers handle sensitive patient information and must ensure that any solution they adopt meets high data privacy and security standards.
  • Complex workflows: The healthcare industry has complex workflows, and providers must ensure that any CRM solution they adopt can integrate seamlessly with existing systems and processes.
  • Integration with other systems: Healthcare providers use various applications to manage patient data and processes and must ensure that any solution they adopt can integrate seamlessly with these systems.
  • Providers may also need to invest in training and support to ensure that users can adopt and use the solution effectively.

Digital Transformation Maturity Path​


Core Salesforce​ Automation

  • - Account Management
  • - Contact Management
  • - Lead Generation & Scoring
  • - Campaign Mgmt.​
  • - Pipeline and Opportunity Mgmt.​
  • - Forecasting
  • - Order Management
  • - Product management​


System Driven Guidance

  • - Contract Lifecycle Management
  • - Configure
  • - Price
  • - Quote (CPQ)
  • - Guided Selling​
  • - Territory Management
  • - User Management​
  • - Partner Relationship Mgmt.
  • - Analytics and Reporting
  • - Omni channels enablement​
  • - Customer Service Management​
  • - B2B Commerce Portals


Enhancing Customers, Sales Reps and Distributors Experience

  • - Customer Intelligence
  • - Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
  • - Loyalty and Referral Programs
  • - Billing and Invoices
  • - Demand Generation
  • - Sales Performance Mgmt.
  • - Fulfillment Mgmt.​
  • - Warranty Management
  • - Quality Management
  • - Real-Time Connected
  • - Apps/Platforms
  • - Enhanced B2B Commerce Portals


Smarter, Faster Decision-Making with AI

  • - Predictive Service Support
  • - Advanced Analytics​
  • - Al Recommendations
  • - Salesforce 360 view of customer
  • - Next best action Cognitive / NLP​​​
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