Why you need a Salesforce Health Check

Declining Efficiency

Is your Salesforce implementation no longer able to keep up with your growing business needs? A health check can help assess and prepare a future-ready solution for you.

Lack in System Adoption

Has incorrect Salesforce implementation or unclear communication about the system made users reluctant to adopt the solution? A health check will help you discover the reasons and address the issues quickly.

Change in Business Processes

Are your changing workflows no longer aligned with the way Salesforce was originally intended to be used? A health check will uncover these incidences and help you realign your business processes using Salesforce.

Technical Issues

Have redundancies, out-of-sync production environments, and post-release errors made it cumbersome to manage your processes? A health check brings all these lapses to light and helps you devise an action plan.

Services under Health Check

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Salesforce Product Review

  • Product Alignment
  • Org Rationalization
  • Product License Type
  • ALM Tools

Business Process Analysis

  • Streamline business processes
  • KPI/ROI Evaluation
  • Strenghten Roadmap
  • Adoption strategy

Technical Analysis

  • Architecture Evaluation
  • Integration Review
  • Declarative vs. Programmatic
  • Security Review

The NavYaan Advantage

Optimize your Salesforce usage

A Salesforce Health Check can set you back on the right path. We can ensure that you have the proper structure for your business and eliminate bottlenecks in your system.

Plan for the future

It is essential to have a long term vision. Part of our health check considers the business’s long-term aspirations and helps to ensure that the system is ready to scale when you want to expand. In addition, we can recommend products or services that will help you plan for the future.

Increase user adoption

We will look at how Salesforce is being used throughout the business and address any issues with adoption. We’ll highlight any barriers to adoption and recommend ways to increase user adoption.

How our Engagement Works

Face to face with your Salesforce users.
Technical Analysis
We ensure that your Salesforce is reaching its optimum potential.
Comprehensive health check documentation
Detailed document with improvements and proposal.

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Industry: Manufacturing

The company offers a range of conduit solutions for telecommunications, power utility and other accessories. They were facingchallenges with their existing Salesforce Sales Cloud instance and SAP ERP system. They were facing too many data integration challenges, their product and pricing configurations in SAP were too complex which led to hinderance in Sales and operations. Our team did a thorough health-check of existing orgs, migrated existing Salesforce Classic Sales Org to Lightning and implemented CPQ to simplify and automate their contracting process

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